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NBSE Consulting

Helping you improve “Lead to Cash” operations and systems

Avoid costly Mistakes for Your Teams

Everyone at NBSE has previously managed teams and projects in some of the top companies. We had the same challenges you’re facing now, owned the solutions, and learned the hard way. Today, we use our expertise to help operations, systems, and data teams prevent bad decisions.

Marketing Operations

  • Multi-channel online advertising and attribution
  • Marketo setup and maintenance
  • Marketo integration
  • Lead Scoring

Sales Operations

  • Lead Assignment
  • Account structure
  • Data governance
  • Forecasting
  • Sales commissions
  • CPQ & Approvals
  • Legal contracts

Finance Operations

  • Invoicing (NetSuite & Zuora)
  • Sales Tax (Avalara)
  • Collections
  • Payment application
  • Rev Rec (NewSuite ARM)


  • Metrics & reports
  • Data visualization (Tableau)
  • Data warehouse infrastructure
  • Data engineering
  • Integrations (Python, Workato)

Enhance Your Lead to Cash Tools

Our senior experts can troubleshoot a problem with a particular tool for a few hours, while our motivated juniors can provide support for data cleaning or migration projects lasting a few months. Let’s chat and see how we can help.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Tracking accuracy, tag manager, custom tags, integrations with data warehouse, migration to GA4.

  • Marketo


    Integration with Salesforce, performance optimization, workflows and campaigns automation, training and support

  • Salesforce


    Lead and opportunity management, forecasting, sales commissions, account management, data quality

  • CPQ


    structure products and pricing, build flexible quote templates, approval rules, proration automation, integrations with billing platforms

  • Zuora


    Invoice templates, collection process automation, dunning emails, data management, integration with NetSuite and data warehouse

  • NetSuite


    Integration with CPQ and billing, ARM implementation, automations with SuiteScript, Invoice consolidation, document templates, dunning emails

  • Tableau


    Data infrastructure setup and improvements, dashboard design, data visualization, performance optimization

Get the Right Help with your Processes

Some of our customers work with our team daily, others rely on us for just a few hours a month to validate ideas and solutions. No commitments required – we can help you with your processes and systems as much or as little as you need.

Traffic acquisition

Drive targeted traffic with thoughtfully set up multi-channel campaigns

Lead conversion

Get more customers by improving lead processing within marketing and sales teams

Quoting and Billing

Streamline quoting and billing to have accurate financial reporting and close deals faster


Help business users make better decisions by giving them the right data at the right time

Vitali Kouzmine,

NBSE consulting founder

At NBSE, we are passionate about making complex things work. We help leaders in Operations, Analytics, and Business Systems avoid costly mistakes and achieve goals quicker.

  • You will benefit from over 10 years of our founder’s personal experience building business systems and analytics at Wrike, Asana, and Meta.
  • You’ll get support from a team of consultants who have managed operations, systems, and analytics for top companies in the world.

Amrutha Suresh

Lead Enterprise Architect, Asana

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I have had the pleasure of working with Vitali at Asana, and I can confidently say that he is one of the most knowledgeable individuals I have met in the sales and marketing enterprise ecosystem. Vitali’s critical thinking and analytical skills are exceptional, and he has an innate ability to connect the dots to design efficient processes and systems that drive success with a very driven approach. Vitali’s expertise in architecture and system design projects is unparalleled, and I highly recommend him to any organization looking to optimize their sales and marketing operations.

Daniel Soosai

VP Revenue Operations & Business Analytics/Systems, Wrike

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Have had the opportunity to work with Vitali and his team to re-engineer the lead to opportunity/quote and quote to cash business processes while going upmarket from a PLG to PLG+enterprise sales motion.
Vitali and his team are good business/systems architects and detailed systems implementers in the Lead to Cash area. Vitali and his team are data-driven, transparent and no BS focused on improving Efficiency.

Melissa Neveu

Revenue Technology Manager, Asana

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I had the pleasure of working with Vitali at Asana and was impressed by his deep knowledge of the sales and marketing ecosystem. It was clear that he has a wealth of experience and expertise in sales and was able to quickly identify the root causes of the issues we were trying to solve.

I highly recommend working with Vitali and his company to anyone who needs deep expertise in these areas. His insights and recommendations were invaluable to us, and I have no doubt that he would be able to help other companies as well.

Thomas Rettner

Strategy & Operations Manager, Workplace from Meta

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I had the chance to collaborate with Vitali during my time at Workplace from Meta, where he led the Business Intelligence and Analytics team. Vitali is an outstanding professional to work with – he is highly detail-oriented and has a strong strategic mindset. His technical expertise is extensive, and he consistently demonstrated his ability to apply it to the task at hand. I was impressed by his determination to get the lead scoring model live, and he did an excellent job building the analytics architecture at Workplace and hiring top talent to his team. I highly recommend Vitali as a professional to work with.

Work with People You Trust

All of our clients come to us through recommendations, so trust is key for us. We guarantee transparent pricing and the outcomes that make sense – let’s connect and see what great things we can do together.

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